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ZetaTalk: Original Sin
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

An age old issue - one that comes up in religious circles, on original sin. Humanity is viewed in its various life situations. The babe born into a wealthy household, its every care attended to. Contrast this with the babe born into squalor, where the food is inadequate but worse than that is the neglect by its caretakers and the battering rage that swirls all about. Are these babes equally innocent? Is karma at play here? We feel we need an explanation for the differences, and seek to find this. We are made uncomfortable, seeing the babe in distress, and are in a dilemma. Should we neglect the self, step away from our busy life to attend to the needs of another? Should we get involved, when our offer to assist may be viewed by an angry person as interference? To comfort ourselves, we tell ourselves that the victim brought this upon him or her self.

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