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ZetaTalk: Turn the Other Cheek
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

What should be done when a human finds they are being victimized, for whatever reason? Most certainly they should not simply cry "Pity me" and do nothing! Much has been made of the Christian adage, turn the other cheek. In India, it is much touted that the British were routed because Ghandi engaged them with passive resistance. Does this ploy not work? Sometimes. In the main, this ploy does not work. Passive resistance, or returning violence with love, works only in the circumstances where the attacker is basically of a good heart. The soldier ordered to press forward, for instance, where he personally has misgivings. Where former victims are inciting violence, here the protagonist drawn into a conflict may find they can turn the situation around, to where injuries are addressed rather than conflict escalated, by returning love for antagonism.

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