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ZetaTalk: Few Bad Apples
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Should statistics be run up, it would be found that almost all situations where there is a true victim have been caused by a small number of humans. Such statistics are not within the power of human societies to gather. Most victimization situations are a private hell, where the victim has been chosen in part because they cannot or will not complain. Most crimes of violence are done against strangers, where the perpetrator cannot be recognized and therefore found. The reader may cite statistics where murder is done against family members, but these are only the statistics gathered. Most crimes are not reported, and this is in no small part because the victim is not found. Dead men tell no tales.

What we are telling you is that this small percentage of perpetrators are skilled, even at birth, in victimizing others. They take joy in this, as this increases their sense of power over others. When they polarize far enough to enter 4th Density, they have, often for the first time in their existence, a unique experience. All about them are like themselves. Establishing the pecking order within a group of Service-to-Self entities newly arrived from 3rd Density is a study in violence and intimidation. You, on Earth, will witness this as your world becomes increasingly polarized during the Transformation. Prior to death, the Service-to-Self entity scheduled to move to 4th Density Service-to-Self on another planet will be increasingly isolated with his own kind on Earth.

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