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ZetaTalk: Key Characteristics

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

There is a common misunderstanding, that being that Service-to-Others is all bleeding heart concern and the Service-to-Self is snarling greed. Nothing could be further from the truth. These animals come in various sizes and shapes. One must look for the key characteristics, in fact, to even identify them. An example, look to ourselves. We are Service-to-Others Zetas. Do we not defend ourselves? Do we not have particular goals we press? Do we lie down and let others walk all over us? Yet we are concerned for the general welfare and work hard to improve this for ourselves as well as others.

Likewise, the Service-to-Self are often misunderstood. As we have mentioned elsewhere, they can be charming and diplomatic. The key is the goal, not the goal stated, which may be packaged to appeal to those to be duped, but the actual goal. A reduction in pollution laws, packaged as enabling employers to stay in business, is in fact a power play by those who resent any restrictions on their power. The unemployment rate has nothing to do with this, but is waved about as a reason. Wives are familiar with the common husband excuse for late hours and avoidance of home chores. The job requires this, and the wife should bear in mind who is slaving away to bring home the bacon.

In sum, the Service-to-Others individual may be gruff, distracted, disheveled, and inaccessible. But what are they working toward? How do they react when a truth test comes, where they must be willing to sacrifice themselves for others? Do they come through? And the Service-to-Self individual may be suave, seemingly generous, even defending others. But when their welfare is lined up against another, when they must truly share and words are asked to be replaced by actions, what then?

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