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ZetaTalk: Day to Day
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

What about the day-to-day functions that people now perform? What will the equivalent be in 4th Density? What would a day in the life of an entity in either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other camp be like?

Take a 4th Density entity in a Service-to-Self camp.

If sleep or some equivalent rest period is required for the life form, the entity wakes or arises from the bed that had been assigned. His rest may have been refreshing, but most likely not, as factors like comfort are not considered by those in charge, and one must make do with what one can rummage up or wrestle away from another. The task at hand is not subject to confusion or negotiable. If the entity is late to attending to his assigned duties, he is punished. The severity is not determined by the significance of the infraction, but by the mood and propensity of the overseer. Depending on the punishment the overseer wishes to avoid, from his overseer, the punishment may even be death, if the overseer wishes to be rid of a troublemaker. The overseer may also torture to the point of disability, if the entity being punished is not performing a key task and the overseer enjoys a power trip.

We could continue endlessly, but the reader, we feel sure, gets the drift. This situation is not uncommon in the societies of mankind, today.

Take a 4th Density entity in a Service-to-Other camp.

The entity awakes or arises from the bed that has been furnished by those members of the group who have chosen this task. Since the entities providing beds do so with empathy and caring, the beds are as comfortable and the environment as restful as resources allow. Likewise with meals. The task at hand for the entity is one the entity is looking forward to, as it has been chosen by the entity, who volunteered for the task. It is even possible that the entity has no task at present, having been granted leave for self reflection or exploration, and this leave would in all likelihood have been pressed upon the entity, rather than a request of the entity. If the entity has volunteered for a task, they are responsible for this and the others are expecting the commitment to be met come-what-may. Failure to fulfill the commitment and the resultant injury or discomfort to the group would lay upon the conscience of the entity, and it is this knowledge that creates dedication to the task at hand.

We could continue endlessly, but the reader also recognizes this environment, if only from his dreams. It is a goal of many, which could be fulfilled if only the scoundrels were not always making this lifestyle impossible.

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