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ZetaTalk: All Work, No Play
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Is there happiness and joy in the 4th Density Service-to-Others camps, or is it all duty and work with no opportunity to play? In the Service-to-Other camp, being happy in one's work is an automatic outcome, as one chooses one's tasks, and thus this is without resentment. As to joy, there is always joy at doing for others, at feeling important for their welfare, and seeing what comes about because of one's efforts. Service-to-Others is not a grim dedication to tasks, with no time out for exploration, no music or presentation of arts and theater, no fancy meals, and no luxurious baths. Every enjoyment you have now would have an equivalent. The only stricture is self imposed, a sense of duty to fulfill a promise made to the others. For those in the Service-to-Others, self-imposed expectations are not a burden, they are a source of joy and happiness. We Zetas in the Service-to-Others enjoy ourselves, in all the many ways humans enjoy themselves. Luxuriant baths, silken textured garments and soft beds, sweet tastes and smells, a sense of rhythm and desire to dance - we have all of these.

We are portrayed as cold as steel, to a not small degree because the eyes of humans cannot see our color and see us only as gray, steel gray. We are portrayed as emotionless, as we are disciplined and fail to react when humans attempt to provoke us, feeling helpless in our grasp and desiring some kind of satisfaction. We are presented as without sex or digestion, and without parental ties, raising our young in tanks rather than in our arms and bellies. In fact we have sexual urges, although not as strong at present as those humans have, and where we no longer put food in our mouths, our bodies react to our nutrient baths with the same sense of gratification and relief that humans have when eating hungry. Our young are raised outside of our bodies because of our large heads, not because of lack of love. We are assumed to be without a sense of rhythm or a desire to dance, because we have never been seen to party. Humans should realize that when they meet with us, or are attended by us, that we are at work. Do humans dance when at work?

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