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ZetaTalk: Little Bit Selfish
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Of course there is a degree of selfishness in the Service-to-Other. If there were not, chaos would reign. One of the group, left alone, would fail to remove themselves from danger or take nourishment, thinking only of the others. You see the point. Service-to-Others is defined as being at least as concerned about others as about the self. An even split. Of course, there are degrees, where some individuals almost never consider themselves, and others often. And then, just as with your society, the point where selfishness turns on differs among individuals. One would think nothing of sharing a garment with another, but insists on maintaining a small horde of food, as this individual experienced starvation in its past and has yet to recover from the memory. Another gives food away generously, having no fall back at all though times are lean, but insists that their wardrobe not be shared as they are vain of their appearance and have taken special care to enhance this.

All intelligent species, when in a Service-to-Others group, display a self interest that maintains the individual. Without this self interest, as an integral part of the species, the species would not have survived throughout evolution. However, when creating an intelligent species for 4th Density Service-to- Others, the genetic engineers look to reduce any traits that interfere with the lessons of 4th Density. Thus, in creating the hybrids, we increase telepathy in such a manner as to counteract the violent tendencies of man. You may, on occasion, still wish to kill, but you will consider with great anxiety the feeling of your potential victim. Thus, the crime does not occur.

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