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ZetaTalk: Keeping Secrets
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

In 4th Density Service-to-Others there are no secrets. This is primarily because of the spiritual orientation, where there is great concern for others. As this agenda does not need to be hidden, entities are open about their motives. Secondarily, there are no secrets because telepathic ability is vastly increased. One's thoughts are read by and known to the others as quickly as they are entertained. This makes it easy to be empathetic and caring, as the pain of one becomes the pain of all. Communication is greatly enhanced by telepathy also. No need for the phone, no need to write notes, no silent suffering. For some entities newly arrived into 4th Density Service-to-Others this openness is distressing. They may have been used to being secretly vain, or resentful of others, and covering this with a socially acceptable facade. They are aghast to find that everyone is peeking at their thoughts. One can always recognize these new 4th Density recruits, as they are so often embarrassed and trying to explain themselves. Confession and acceptance of the self is the only solution, and allows one to get on with the lessons of 4th Density.

In the Service-to-Self orientation, matters are entirely different, as this orientation uses telepathy as little as possible and deception as often as possible. As this situation is not unknown to Earthlings, we will not bother to describe it in detail.

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