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ZetaTalk: Stonehenge
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Stonehenge is ancient, far older than man assumes. Its purpose is confused because of its age. Was it a sacrificial site? Was it an astronomical measure? Was it simply a place for lovers to meet in the moonlight? No records remain. No peoples remain in whose memory Stonehenge has a place. It stands, bleak and cold, its secrets a mystery so deep that none can fathom them. Yet the mystery is easily answered if the ages are taken into account. Stonehenge is older than the visitors from the 12th Planet. Older than the wandering of the cavemen, mankind's earliest numbers. It is so early that no cultural memory remains that can strike a cord. It does not resonate, as the New Agers say, meaning that their cultural values have no resonating equivalent.

Stonehenge has survived prior cataclysms due to being situated on solid rock and the careful placement of the stones. Solid rock receives a single jolt during a severe earthquake, and upright stones are prevented from toppling if held at the top, and capping stones lining the top are prevented from falling as they are lined end to end and the ends brace each other. Nevertheless, several Stonehenge massifs have toppled. What caused those stones to topple, the wind? Have the manmade statues around London toppled due to earthquakes in England? Clearly, Stonehenge has experienced earthquake trauma. Where much has been made of Stonehenge being oriented to the Sun at certain times of the year such that it appears to be a type of sundial, some such orientation would occur no matter what the location of the stones were. The time of the year would simply change. Stonehenge is not a sundial, nor an astronomical measuring device, nor a place of worship or sacrifice, nor a meeting ground. These explanations are mankind's attempt to explain Stonehenge, as the true explanation is too discomfiting.

So just what is Stonehenge? Stonehenge was built to the specifications of a reptilian King, who resided on Earth so long ago that humans were scarcely emerging. Yet the structure was to carry meaning for the emerging humans, which it has, to this day. Subliminal messages of power and sadistic treatment toward those sacrificed. Humans look upon Stonehenge, and imagine the innocent struggling on the table under the knife. Why else would there be a table? They imagine a coven of evil surrounding them. Why else would there be a circle? They imagine no force on its way to rescue the victim. Why else would all this be in the open? Stonehenge was built to fulfill the purpose it has, to insinuate itself into the subconscious of mankind, making it uneasy. This was done by the Service-to-Self crowd, who hoped to win converts among the emerging souls of man. There are those in the Universe who would terrorize mankind, and thus win conquest over their souls.

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