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ZetaTalk: The Good Book
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

A number of times we, the Zetas, and others have discussed how the founders of the great religions on Earth, such as Jesus as the founder of Christianity or Mohammed as the founder of Islam, were themselves incarnated spirits from higher realms who attempted to reach mankind through their repeated counsel to the masses. Jesus and Mohammed took care to repeat their verbal messages because of the tendency of such messages to be distorted and turned from their original meaning. Nevertheless, their messages did get twisted in the Bible and Koran.

How did this happen?

The messages themselves remained pure, but additions were made and attributed to the speaker. Thus a simple statement to Love they Neighbor became a series of rules on how such love was to be conducted. These rules were never relayed by the speaker and are in fact a hallmark of the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus a simple message bearing the concept of Service-to-Others became a distraction of rules, so that empathy and fair play are lost in the adherence of meaningless rules. These rules have the facade of love, but close examination shows otherwise.

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