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ZetaTalk: Increasing Dichotomy
Note: written Nov 15, 1995

The possibility of having both spiritual orientations, side by side on a 4th Density world, does exist. This situation occurs when there is a degree of indecision on the part of the incarnated entities, so that temporary switching between the orientations is anticipated. Such a situation may take place on your Earth, where for instance the Continents of Africa and South America, currently targeted by visitors in the Service-to-Self, would be dedicated to serve as a home for humans who have moved sufficiently toward the Service-to-Self to be considered destined for that orientation during 4th Density, but the rest of the Earth would migrate toward the Service-to-Other orientation which the majority of the Earth and her peoples have chosen. This dichotomy also exists where such worlds have matured in their spiritual orientations to the point where switching is no longer anticipated, but the lessons of the higher densities are continuing and the orientations are sufficiently segregated. No need to make any changes, as all is going well.

This type of dichotomy will, of course, exist on the Earth during the Transformation period, which is now. Increasingly, the orientations separate of their own accord, as those in the Service-to-Other expel those who are not truly in the Service-to-Other and those in the Service-to-Self find compliance with the desire for a rigid pecking order only among those also in the Service-to-Self. The migration toward this dichotomy will increase in pace as the Transformation proceeds. At first there is a virtual homogeneous mix of the orientations, equivalent to the grade school environment where all youngsters are enrolled. Human society assumes all members to be equal, in general granting all members the same rights, and it is only by particular behavior, such as a crime, that this status changes. Criminals are then segregated with each other, but all other humans are fairly homogeneous. Thus, rules protecting the members from one another are in place, though not necessary among the truly Service-to-Other oriented and usually not sufficient among the Service-to-Self oriented.

During the Transformation the Service-to-Others find each other and take up abiding with each other, to the exclusion of abiding with those who are still spiritually undecided. Of course, as these individuals are usually a mainstay for others, the spiritually undecided clamor for their time and attention, but are increasingly given self help instructions and sent on their way. In fact, the spiritually undecided find the environment provided in a Service-to-Other community to be a drag, dull. No confrontations, everyone dedicated and preoccupied, just not lively enough. The Service-to-Self are generally driven from the ranks of both the Service-to-Other and the spiritually undecided as they are today. At times it takes awhile for them to show their colors, but this is quite inevitable.

Thus, those in the Service-to-Self find themselves banding together by necessity, and establishing the pecking order is the first order of the day. The spiritually undecided, larger in number, protect themselves from these marauding bands as they do today, by keeping guard and standing firm. In the chaotic world that will exist after the cataclysms these groups will shoot first and ask questions later, and will be left alone by the Service-to-Self who will pick on each other by preference. Those solidly in the Service-to- Self are often the biggest cowards, just as, when given the opportunity, they can be the biggest bullies - two sides of the same coin. The Service-to-Other groups also defend themselves, usually by fair warning and disabling and returning to their band the Service-to-Self who has wandered into their midst. Do they not find themselves perpetually harassed by the Service-to-Self? In fact, as Service-to-Other communities are highly efficient, the perimeters prove to be impermeable, and thus by reputation they soon find they have earned their peace.

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