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ZetaTalk: Merging Later
Note: written Jan 15, 1996

Entities are separated according to their orientation during 4th and 5th Density, and this separation continues on into the 6th Density also. In fact, they are permanently separated. There is much confusion over statements that have been made regarding Service-to-Self entities joining Service- to-Other entities in order to progress with their lessons after a certain point. The Service-to-Self do not cross over simply because it will benefit them, or because they desire this, or even because they start to prate the right talk and have learned how to behave themselves. They join Service-to-Other groups because they have at last grown up, spiritually speaking. When they have reached a point where they consider others at least as often as they consider themselves, they are Service-to-Other.

Some switching back and forth occurs, in any case, between orientations, but for the Service-to-Self they eventually reach a point where they are forced to consider their ways. They are stalemated, stopped, treading water, and living with the knowledge that their cribmates have an open field before them. They begin to stew in their own juices, debate the issues, and most eventually begin to see the light. You have a movie called Groundhog Day which exemplifies this situation, with a human forced to repeat a single day until he learns to truly care for others. He can't escape, even suicide attempts find him, the next morning, doing it all again. Thus it is, with entities in the Service-to-Self, who must at last, out of boredom or frustration, face what they have long feared - they are not the center of the Universe. Some entities never learn this, and spend eternity among the Service-to-Self, stymied. However, the higher densities find the Service-to-Self entities brooding and serious, introspective and trying new ways on for size. Seasoned Service-to-Other entities are usually kind and supportive of the fumbling attempts of newcomers to their group, who are invariably set back within the densities in order to polish their spiritual skills.

Overall, they lose ground for having veered to the Service-to-Self orientation.

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