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ZetaTalk: Antarctica
Note: written Jan 15, 1996

Rumors of an underground base in Antarctica, where elite members of the Third Reich fled toward the end of World War II, are based in part on the flight of many Nazis to the far reaches of South America. Parlaying on this widely known fact, those who wish to spread myths about alien support of governments engaged in activities generally held to be evil have constructed a story few, if any, could ever disprove. How many people can go to Antarctica and trudge around in search of this fabulous place? A safe, and wholly untrue, rumor. Where aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation did indeed respond to the Nazi call, they in no way rescued the Nazi when matters turned sour. This is the Service-to-Self orientation we are discussing here, and they look out only for number one and others only when it can benefit them directly. If there is no honor among thieves, there is certainly no loyalty among the Service-to-Self.

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