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ZetaTalk: Spiritual Awareness
Note: written Jan 15, 1996

The human animal, from birth, deals with many distractions that obscure communications from the spirit. Hunger, sexual urges, fright, pain - all demand center stage. Social distractions are just as insistent, as the companion who demands constant chatter requires as much concentration as a throbbing toothache. Both refuse to go away. Humans wanting to be in touch with their inner selves develop many techniques for separating themselves from the distractions - long walks, wilderness retreats, prayer, gardening, meditation. The key practice is to diminish the noise and listen to the upwellings, concentrating on the song the spirit is trying to sing. The key is to eliminate distractions. If this can be accomplished best while folding laundry at an empty laundromat, or walking the dog, or pretending to take a nap, it matters not.

Where the physical world can be a distraction, yet it is part of God's universe just as the soul is. The soul is aware of the physical world, as these are memories that the soul carries with it, one incarnation to another. The entity well integrated with the physical world is making a true connection to God’s universe, celebrating the rich connections. The notion that spirituality is separate from the physical world is perpetrated by elites who would tell you that only special individuals who can separate themselves from the physical are able to understand the spirit world. This is nonsense!

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