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ZetaTalk: Sadism
Note: written Jan 15, 1996

Service-to-Self is not simply self maintenance. Were humans all to be only involved in self maintenance, your society today would be quite benign! The Service-to-Self entity goes beyond that, to conquest. No conquest is enough - they become insatiable. The power trip experience from being able to do to humans what humans have an instinctive abhorrence of is resorted to as often as possible. Thus the victim is found not only dead, but maimed - eyes poked out, genitals severed from the body, fingernails pulled out. If the torture of a loved one would cause more distress, then the baby goes first and the parents must watch. The Service-to-Self individual who gives every evidence of being diplomatic and generous also maims, psychologically. Those dependent on this person find their deepest needs denied, while their superficial cares are attended to. A deep sense of being unloved pervades, in sync with the actual facts.

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