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ZetaTalk: Short Cuts
Note: written Mar 15, 1996

Faced with the human dilemma, that they are stuck in a 3rd Density world fraught with problems that their limited intelligence seems incapable of resolving, that they are thrown in with the mean-spirited and avaricious, that they have tenuous physical security at best on a world that can visit violent weather and geological changes upon them - humans look for short cuts. They have caught the gist of spiritual evolution - learn these lessons and you can progress to a world where you will have greater capacities, more intellect, can control your environment so that your lessons can progress, are separated from the mean-spirited, and can escape into another dimension when things get rough. Is there not a short-cut, some fast track to the promised land, a way to compress these 3rd Density lessons so that one could complete them, say, today?

This is akin to the youngster, seeing his older sibling driving off in the family car or taking a trip without an escort, wanting the same privileges. What parent would give in, just to relieve the youngsters frustrations? Would not the youngster feel better but for a moment, but then drown in troubles? The spiritual lesson of 3rd Density, that of choosing one's spiritual orientation, is not the simple decision that humans assume. Individual choices, during a lifetime, can be made quickly and simply, but the overall orientation is one that grows slowly, and is compounded by millions of choices, over thousands of lifetimes. A single choice does not suffice, although when the entity is close to completing its determination this may weight in so that the choice has been completed. Likewise, this is not an intellectual decision, but one based on the actions taken.

A mother, loving her children almost more than herself, may find she can sacrifice for their betterment without regret, but when faced with a stranger in need, hesitates. A husband, feeling protective of his wife to the point of placing himself in harms way in order to shield her, finds himself looking the other way when a stranger on the street is under attack. A neighbor, watching another struggling to clear brush, may rush out to assist and enjoy the sense of bonding and camaraderie that ensues, but when away from home isolates himself from similar opportunities because payback is unlikely to come from a stranger. A human may think themselves to have made the determination to be Service-to-Other, but the many tests in the arena of life prove otherwise. Since the lessons of higher densities cannot progress without a separation of the orientations, those who have not yet decided must stick to their lesson until it is completed. No short-cuts allowed.

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