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ZetaTalk: Trust

Note: written Feb 15, 1997

Trust among the trustworthy is a marvelous life, as one goes about one's work not concerned whether what others promised will be forthcoming, as they are trustworthy. This is a highly productive environment, with each pouring themselves into the work at hand, able to meet their commitments because they can concentrate and devote themselves fully. This is the environment those in the Service-to-Others orientation find themselves in when living with others of the same orientation, and it is what those humans strongly in the Service-to-Other orientation experience periodically now on Earth when they have the rare opportunity to be exclusively working with others of a like mind. However, on a 3rd Density world, trust can seldom be placed on others with complete confidence, as trust can be broken even when intentions are firm and the commitment made by someone who would normally be trustworthy.

Trust can be broken under many circumstances, and thus until one has reached a community where all are trustworthy, one's guard must be up. There are several reasons trust can be shattered:

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