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ZetaTalk: Aggression
Note: written May 15, 1997

A common misperception among humans is the assumption that higher spiritual densities are removed from any emotion except love, and have no destructive urges. The matter of being Service-to-Other does not entail removing oneself from the many conflicts that present during incarnated life. The point where one defends the self, or others, and crosses the line into destructive behavior is not the point where the entity becomes, however briefly, oriented in Service-to-Self. Service-to-Others does not mean allowing the other to proceed without bounds in a manner that hurts the self. Self defense is not only assumed, it is desirable! Any entity that became utterly passive and failed to defend itself would not last long. Self defense is integral in any life form, and can hardly be removed, nor should it be.

There is much confusion regarding defensive or aggressive actions being taken by those operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. Empathy toward others and non-violent means of attending to life’s daily affairs are assumed, and under equitable conditions this is the norm. However, if others who are not firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation or even if others also in the Service to-Other group are undertaking actions that threaten the well being of the self or of the group, aggressive and even violent means are not out of keeping with the Service-to-Other orientation! Forcefully restraining another, or even killing them if this is the most effective solution, is not only a Service-to-Self perogative. These are solutions open to those in the Service-to-Other also.

In dealing with, for instance, a sadist preying upon the young, an inability to safeguard the young by any other means than killing the sadist would not be out of keeping with the Service-to-Other philosophy. Which other is being served by allowing him to continue? The young children, as a group of others, or the sadist as a single individual utterly lacking in consideration of others? The choice is clear, and killing the sadist a solution involving empathy and kindness overall. In fact, allowing the sadist to continue is anti Service-to-Other, as this passivity is making those standing by and doing nothing a party to the sadism.

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