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ZetaTalk: WW II
Note: written Mar 15, 2002

WW II was started because, primarily, Germany was distressed economically and Hitler was, by personality, prone to point the finger elsewhere. Hitler was doing this in his personal life, his own psyche, thus using these techniques of denial and blame elsewhere came readily to him. Those around him evaluated this in light of their own agendas. Those who were Service-to-Self sadists, interested in promoting the Service-to-Self environment as they understood where they were heading and wanted a better entry into their next incarnation on exclusively Service-to-Self worlds, created cruel environments. The US joined WW II because it saw itself becoming involved, ultimately. It was a logical decision to join before their partners were demolished. As a combined team, with shores that could be landed, success was possible, as later this was complicated.

Political control is the engine driving wars, and their start. Politicians, as corporate executives, are control driven, wanting to be on top of the pile and able to control others, able to control events and their direction. Those who have been raised in a household headed by a control freak will tell you that the issue is not what is under contention, but that it is under contention. If father is a control freak and the child has been told to polish his shoes, then a failure to do so sends father into a rage. He would ultimately burn the house down to win this silly issue! This is because being in control is the issue, not the shoes. Likewise, if mother is a control freak, then not eating your broccoli as ordered sends her into a pout and fume that will not end until the child is forced, late at night and in front of a plate of cold broccoli, to eat. This is because the issue is not the broccoli, or the vitamins to be gained (which in any case have many sources) but whether or not her word rules.

In this manner, corporate executive want to earn money, and wars are not predictable, as they are run by government leaders, control freaks with another mind set. Corporations thus do another kind of war, making partnerships, breaking laws, moving about internationally. Political leaders engage in war to effect control of their borders or their populace. So, economic interests take advantage of war, but do not start them. Those who were materialistic, opportunistic, looked for opportunities just as the military-industrial community does today. This includes companies like Bayer, reputed to gain greatly as a result of the war. Those with this mindset are not picky, and are at the place where they are, economically, because they take advantage of any misfortune. Opportunists, wholly. Thus, other than giving an opening for Service-to-Self aliens to respond to The Call given by control or cruelty oriented humans, advising them on how to treat the Jews in camps to drive their souls, or so they hoped, into hopelessness and the Service-to-Self orientation as a result, no alien intervention was done. Likewise, wars are rarely started for those interested in economic pursuits alone, but rather economic pursuits follow and take advantage.

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