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ZetaTalk: Polarization Period
Note: written during the Jul 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Polarization is a matter occurring mostly under the surface, to the average new soul on Earth. They see in the news this or that occurring, and have a hard time sorting out just why this is occurring. Those old souls viewing this drama know why, and by who, and react accordingly. Thus, to the new soul on Earth, it is a confusing time, not unlike times past, and they see no polarization occurring. As many movies and books relay, good and evil are not evident on first glance, the evil often being charming and the good often being irritable and overworked. By the end of the story or movie, all is revealed! But in real life, often this revelation takes morethan the lifetime of the viewer. Thus, to discern, is not always an easy guideline, and all we can suggest is to look to the overall or ultimate motive of the movement, or presence, or push.

For instance, if the Bush Administration suggests that polluting by corporate entities is OK, in spite of all the results evident such as Global Warming which is claimed to be the cause of weather irregularities, then one should question. Why is it OK for corporations to make money, when such suffering occurs? If the Bush Administration suggests that Israel alone should be exempt from racial motives questions, when they abuse the Palestinians, when all the rest of the world is held to question, then why should this be so? One should look to territorial issues, control of regions, and ask why this should be wedded to policy on racial issues, and rights. Thus, the new soul wondering about polarization issues can look to reasons given, and question motives, as a guide.

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