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ZetaTalk: Pole Shift
Note: written during the Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have mentioned that Service-to-Self aliens do not do density shifting well, and as such are required by their masters to stay in 3rd Density while on Earth, lest they destroy themselves through their bungling. We have also mentioned that they stayed on the Dark Side of the Moon, hidden from human view, between interchanges on Earth. This all is distressing to these Service-to-Self visitors, as they prefer the relative comfort of 4th Density, so at the first opportunity they leave to where they can reside in 4th Density physical. The Dark Side of the Moon is still used on occasion when heavy visitations are being conducted on Earth, a campaign of some kind such as trying to gain control of the continent of Africa for the Service-to-Self. But in the main, this is vacant, as the Earth has moved not unexpectedly into Service-to-Other orientation, the polarization squeezing the Service-to-Self humans into smaller and smaller camps, so fewer visitations are occurring. The masters, the Service-to-Self aliens at the top of the pile, are sending their minions elsewhere, where the rewards might be greater. So what will those Service-to-Self aliens remaining do during the shift? Like the Bush White House crowd, the NASA/CIA crowd, who are hoping to hop to Mars and avoid the mess, they will leave. The Service-to-Other aliens visiting will do the opposite, and be side by side with their human counterparts, as we have stated within ZetaTalk.

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