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ZetaTalk: Millennium Denial
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

The Earth will go through physical cataclysms in the near future. This is related to the millennium, but is not precisely what the Bible, or Nostradamus, or the various seers of this time are predicting. There is truth in the rumors of what is called the 12th Planet, a giant comet. There is truth in what has been reported about violent geological changes, renting continents apart and heaving mountains high. The deluge occurred during just such a time. Pole shifts are common during these times. The Earth's crust slides over the soft molten core, the crust pulled in one direction and the core, which is more magnetically inclined, in another. Such a time of violent geological upheaval is pending for earthlings.

There will be much death. Most of the people on Earth at this time will be unaware. They may be aware of drought, of a reddish glow during the heat of the day, perhaps even a reddish dust coloring their water and giving a bitter taste to their drinking water. Most of the people on Earth have so many problems existing, day-to-day, that they will scarcely take notice. Even those who might take notice can scarce do anything about it. Can a man who can barely feed his family take flight? What would they live on, should they even manage to get to a safe place? And what would such a safe place be? This is an unknown experience. There is no precedence in memory. Denial is high. The authorities will not encourage the propagation of information, wishing calm and for the status quo to continue.

Even where there is awareness, there will be little action. Many will look about them, and debate their lifestyle should they take action. Leave the home, the comforts of familiar places and people who represent a support structure? How would they live? Should they be forced to become beggars, they may stay in their own, familiar, surroundings. Then there are those who will cling to their material goods. Even with choices, where a place would be made for them in safer surroundings, they will find they are bonded to their material goods and unable to divorce them whatever the risk. They will die with their material items, clinging to these things as lovers. Most faced with these grim choices will deal with the situation by denial.

Between the unaware, the unfortunate, and the reluctant, lie most of humanity. Those who survive the massive earthquakes, which will level cities to dust, and the massive tidal waves, which will inundate coast lines for hundreds of miles inland, will be either fortunate or assisted. Since the Earth is to become a home for Service-to-Other entities, those humans operating in this orientation will have a choice to remain in their human form or reincarnate later. If the human form is chosen, then these humans will be assisted during the hours of calamities. They will be unaware of the assist, but will find themselves, clinging to floating material after the flood has passed, or regaining consciousness after the earthquakes. Many will move to safe areas and set up communes, operating in the Service-to-Others mode of the future. These areas will be rural, essentially primitive, and they will not rely on civilization as they now know it either before or after the cataclysms.

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