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ZetaTalk: Survivors
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

The cataclysms will come quickly, and the great majority of deaths will be so instantaneous that there will be no time for anxiety. Concern should be for the survivors, who will be injured, in shock, hungry, and looking in desperation for their loved ones. We would suggest that those who wish to commit suicide be allowed to do so. Most certainly those in pain and torment, without hope of recovery or hope of receiving medical treatment when such treatment is scarce or nonexistent, should be allowed this avenue. We would suggest birth control, without argument, as the infant mortality rate will take out almost all born during the first few after years. Take pity on the mothers, who will share scarce food with a fetus only to see it born dead or struggle unsuccessfully for life.

The grief that will result from the cataclysms will be no greater for any given human than the grief their normal life would sustain. Grief is something that comes to every life many times during a lifetime. Humans anticipate grieving over the loss of loved ones, who may die suddenly by accident or unexpected illness or linger for a long, sad good-by. Humans anticipate torrents of nature - volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, lighting, hailstorms, and earthquakes. These come sometimes without warning, but many times are anticipated. Humans anticipate societal problems, the loss of jobs or status, family and friends deserting one, banking failures. All this can suddenly place a human into grief, but in most cases the pending problems have been announcing themselves regularly. Any survivor of the cataclysms could have experienced a life situation where home, job, family and friends, and health disappeared. This can and does happen today to many, and not just due to acts of nature.

What will be different is that the anticipated assistance from wealthy countries or one's own government will not be available. For most of the world, this won't come as a shock, as it is rather a shock when they do receive assistance. For wealthy industrialized countries, this lack of assistance will be a shock. Some individuals will have to learn to rely more on themselves and to work communally with others. These are lessons that life teaches in any case, however, and are not exclusive to the cataclysms. The cataclysms offer an opportunity, as does life in general, to be of service. These are times of great opportunity, to be greatly of service. These are times when one can grow, and discover strength within oneself previously unknown.

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