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ZetaTalk: Time Frame
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Regarding the accuracy of our prediction, late spring, early summer, in the year 2003. This cannot be pinned down to the day. Where the comet and the Earth are interacting, and in proximity of each other, the exact moment of slippage is determined by many things. The exact placement of the continents when the Earth's rotation slows to a stop. How much the inner core of the Earth churns before the crust of the Earth slips. These are matters that one cannot predict exactly, as there are too many variables at play.

The comet will be visible to the eye for approximately 7.3 weeks [Note: see 2003 Date explanation. It became visible to the naked eye March 26, 2003.], certainly no less than 43 days, prior to the great gravitational and magnetic disruption we have described. All will be aware of it, though most will discount its presence. As we have mentioned, most of humanity will be either in denial or too harried to notice or care. The comet is already known and visible to your government, and others. They are discussing this among themselves now. What the governments of the world chose to say to their populace is not known - this is a matter of free will, and any guess made at this time could prove false. We have chosen to warn people. Those who wish to act can do so. Those who chose to ignore have made their choice for themselves and their loved ones. Those who cannot act, due to a lack of capacity, can make their peace.

The comet makes its appearance periodically, on average each 3,657 years. The variation is due not to any situation of your Solar System, but to the gravitational pull of planetary bodies that weave into the comets path when away from your Solar System. We would recommend you read some of the literature that has been written about the periodic nature of this comet, which can also be described as a planet of your Solar System. Your Earth, in its geological evidence, stands witness to the periodic nature of the comet's appearance.

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