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ZetaTalk: Machine Age
Note: written on Apr 15, 1999.

Consider what is necessary to run the average manufacturing plant, which runs heavy machinery. Gears, metal plates - it all looks quite solid. Lets say the building stands after the pole shift, having been retrofitted and braced, and the machinery itself is pretty durable. Some parts break, but one can replace them, so why would it not run?

There are factors in this scenario that are not being considered. All the necessary small parts, the lubricants and additives, that will not be available. Most lubricants are necessary, to maintain a certain chemical balance, or there is corrosion. Without these lubricants, parts burn out, wear out, and you can't simply pour water or any chemical in, you need a particular chemical. The chemical industry will be very hard hit, as much of their stores are liquid and will burst, spray, disburse, and require specialized ingredients to create in the first place. So you back up, endlessly, and anytime there is a break in the link, the link is broken and affects everything downstream. So it all goes down the chain. Even a tiny broken part can stop the process, as perhaps a particular metal or particular alloy is needed. Without this a particular function won't occur, an electrical impulse will not occur, or an etching will not occur. If that alloy is missing, all the rest of the machinery becomes idle, and simply is not effective. And if it's not effective, what is the point of maintaining it.

What motive is there for staying and maintaining this factory? Who is going to feed the workers, or pay their salary? There is simply no flow of money. Bridges are down. The grid is down. The government is in chaos, and gone off to huddle and get drunk and discuss among themselves. Workers do not come out of loyalty, starving to death, to keep a corporate fat cat in business. They go off, attempting to find food for themselves. If the industry loses its skills, what occurs? Any industry that finds that its skilled workers are no longer available fails! This is a common fact, and one reason that bringing immigrants into the US, educated and with a skill set, is considered a necessity. 3rd World countries can't even get started unless they have this educated skill set. If it goes off, because its more important to feed the family than keep the boss in power, who's going to run the factory?

It's for these reasons that industry will not run, but will go idle. There are cities discovered in Central American and in China, found under the jungles or under the shifting sands, with no explanation for where the inhabitants went. These were great cities with grand steps. They had irrigation, water flowing through the city, so why did it collapse? Was it a great plague? Was it a terrible drought? Did someone come and slaughter them all? These are remnants of pole shifts, where great civilizations have fallen in the past. The survivors wander, in search of a better life. They are often confused, as they don't know what has hit them. They are sure this is a local event and they are off to find out where the sun is shining and the grain is growing. They all wander. So your industries will be idle, for these reasons.

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