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ZetaTalk: Market Crash
Note: written on Dec 15, 1999.

In any game there are winners and losers. Between the present and when there will surely be a crash of banks that cannot be sustained and the barter system essentially returns, there is an end game in play. This end game is being laid out on the money markets and has many players wishing to gain the upper hand and maintain the upper hand. This is in the hands of humans - many different governments and many different banks and many different wealthy individuals who are either cooperating with each other or planning to stab each other in the back and pull the rug out from each other. Therefore, given this, the game could tumble in many different directions. But one thing is clear: there are perhaps half a dozen international banks, very heavily moneyed, which would never be out of the running or powerless in this game.

Today, they are maintaining confidence in what may be termed the working man. They wish the populace to be unconcerned, to feel a sense of comfort, that the good times are with them, and not to look about and notice what some are saying - that emergency stores are empty and crops are failing and the stock market is over-inflated. They wish the populace to be dull, lethargic, and spending money, because much of the stability of an economy is based on confidence. In fact, without confidence, most governments and financial structures would fail and fail rapidly. So confidence is kept pumped up as long as this can be maintained. Most stocks are inflated beyond their value, very few are not, and they can fall to 1/4 of their value before they settle with the public feeling they have some confidence in the stock and that it cannot be worth less. This is a huge drop. For the wealthy, who are living a well cushioned life, it doesn’t put them out on the street, but for some people who are living on their savings, it would mean a change of lifestyle and may mean that they are destitute or desperate.

Note: below added during the Jun 1, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We are frequently asked to pin point the moment of collapse, which of course will not be a moment but a series of moments, when this or that leg under the table breaks, and finally a corner drops, slipping the table top contents onto the floor, and finally the table itself drops. Beyond that this will be a series of steps, and is in the hands of man, due to the general rule that we are not to interfere with mankind’s free will. Very seldom can we interfere, and then within strict bounds. For instance, we can describe in general terms that it will collapse, not when. For instance, we can describe the quakes and volcanic eruptions that will occur leading up to the shift, not when for an area. Do we warn you today, about a volcanic eruption, a tornado, a broken rail line, or a stock inflated beyond real worth? No! Nor do we cure your cancer, rescue you from floods, or feed you when you are starving. Thus, expect no more going into the shift than you get now, from aliens, or good spirits, or angels or whatever you call them.

Note: below added during the Jul 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Up until the present, the US Stock Market, leading the world as the engine to pull the world out of a global slump, has maintained its position by stealth. Confidence is the name of the game, and confidence was maintained not only by talk-up from market analysts, but also by the value of stock on the market. Value on the market equates to what the buyer is willing to pay! And thus, if poor stock has buyers, then it has worth. Thus, those end-of-day rallies that have often occurred during the past couple years were designed, to raise expectations for the next day. Stock that dropped was viewed differently by the morning, by all the analysts that take into consideration the buyers willingness to buy, and the market off and away again, raising and soaring.

What happened then, this past week, that such a dramatic drop occurred with few stops. This in spite of assertion on heavyweights that all was well, and no need for new SEC controls or inspections. The trend overwhelmed the counter-trends, with those buying bad stock doing so, but the overwhelming numbers of such stock simply causing this to be negated. What does this mean? That the prediction we have made, since late 1999, of a market crash to the extent that stock would drop to 1/4 of its former value, the market in general at this point, will soon occur. If poor stock cannot be bought up in sufficient quantity, a point reached now, then it will be evident to the public that poor stock is poor, and confidence allowed to drop to the level the company profits and performance deserve. Thus, hold onto your seats, as the drop will occur rapidly, now, and the barter system begin to replace the monetary system.

The real estate bubble will likewise burst when the current weather problems and lack of insurance coverage prove this to be hollow. The percent of the workforce to be affected is already increasing, and look to the Depression era, worldwide, for expected results. During the coming depression, which is in fact in place but denied by the media and powers that be, one should look to the past Great Depression as an example of things to come. Banks were insolvent, but allowed to operate, not called in. Homeowners and businesses were insolvent, unable to pay, but not called to term, allowed to continue. The reasoning was that there was no one to buy these insolvent entities, so why discontinue their operations! Thus, those insolvent entities were allowed to continue, and gradually came back into solvency, and thus business was reestablished. During the coming crash, this will repeat itself, but with a difference. There will be no re-solvency, no new health, but the shift, instead.

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