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ZetaTalk: Precision
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Precision is difficult in these matters, as all is in motion and affects the exact outcome. This is similar to an inbound hurricane, where one can state the path and wind speed, but there are uncertainties as to whether a dam will break or an ocean going vessel will decides to move into or out of a port in the hurricane's path. A city may be safe or devastated based on these occurrences. For the pole shift, what is in motion is:

  1. the 12th Planet, which will stick to the path computed as the factors involved are based on astronomy and not subject to change.
  2. the location of the earth at the time, which can vary slightly as to what part of the Earth is facing the 12th Planet. Where this will be the Atlantic rift, the exact point of stoppage depends upon the speed of rotation as it approaches the stoppage, and this speed is dependent upon swirling in the core, what parts of the core are near or far from the Atlantic rifts as the moment of stoppage approaches.
  3. the shift itself, which will start at an uncertain moment due to the exact part of the Atlantic rift facing the 12th Planet not being known. Thus, it may start a tad earlier or later, based on the strength of magnetism on the earth's surface facing the approaching 12th.
  4. the shift stoppage, which will vary according to the speed of the shift. This will be forceful or more gentle depending upon the magnetic influences not only on what part of the earth is facing the 12th as it approaches, but also on what magnetic components in the swirling core are facing or afar from the 12th as it approaches.

Thus, the exact placement of the new North and South poles is difficult to pinpoint, but the general placement can be estimated.

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