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ZetaTalk: Prepare for Death
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000.

Many concerned humans ask what they should tell those in India, who will find their tropical land sinking under water and becoming a new pole. We would tell them to prepare for death. The people of India do this well, as they live under very trying and harrowing circumstances. Starvation is rampant, affecting over half the populace in some regard where they are shriveled or retarded or watch their children die. Medical treatment is also very poor and diseases run rampant, and they likewise have droughts, crop shortages, and the horrendous cyclones that affect Bangladesh. Historically, and by their religious beliefs, they are very accepting and fatalistic.

There is very little that can be expected. Should a mass of the people try to migrate north, this would be resisted. They would simply die, freezing to death in the mountains. If they tried to get in boats and sail to other lands, they would likewise find resistance. Of course, those scenes are playing out today - it’s called immigration and it’s very tightly controlled because so many people try to leave a crowded land and go elsewhere where opportunity is better. We have no advice for humans who are living in such human cultures, as this is not likely to change going into the pole shift. We would advise the people of India, caught in these circumstances, to prepare to die peacefully. Be with the ones they love. Have less panic and more acceptance. Drowning is fortunately a painless death, and relatively quick.

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