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ZetaTalk: Seeds of Rebirth
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Regarding why people should be concerned about ecology, when a doomsday scenario is approaching. One should ponder what will happen as humanity considers the nearing comet. Should one continue to save, regularly, for a rainy day? For retirement? Or should one cash in one's savings and enjoy it while one may? Many people need little excuse to have a party as it is. This philosophy can be applied to the resources of the Earth, its rain forests and wet lands, where the seeds of rebirth lie. These lands belong to someone. They are, so to speak, cash in the bank. Beyond the desire to party, there is the desire to meet everyday needs. The earth will experience weather disruption, where torrential rainstorms and drought will increase. Crop failure will be rampant, especially coming into the year of the comet. What government, seeing the starving populace, would not be tempted to throw all ecological concerns to the wind?

What would be the repercussions of this? One has but to look at history, the lost Mastodon, for instance. This great and healthy animal roved many continents, in great numbers, but was wiped out during a single cataclysm. It takes but a single mating pair to renew the herd, yet they are lost. During every cataclysm numerous species are lost, forever. It is not a matter of sacrificing ecology for humanity, as they are not in a contest. They in fact are brethren in the desire to survive. Mankind cannot live without a healthy Earth. It is the bed which mankind lies in. There is no benefit to destroying the rain forests to feed humanity. Cropland freed from rain forests will not produce during the months and years preceding the cataclysm. Neither will filled wetlands. And what possible benefit can come from pouring poisons into the rivers and over the land, in the form of pollution?

Those saved by ignoring ecological concerns are not the humanity in need. Those saved by ignoring ecological concerns are the powerful and comfortable, who will be the last to starve when food is short. Efforts at pollution control, the Green movement, is at present a holding action. The Earth will renew itself from the enclaves of life protected at this time. These are seed stores, not only of plant seeds but the seed of various animals - fish and bird and reptile and mammal. Between now and the time of the cataclysm, the Earth's stores of the seeds of its life will be threatened, and it is this that efforts at pollution control are protecting.

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