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ZetaTalk: Long Day/Night
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The dynamics in place as the 12th Planet approaches during the last few days before the coming pole shift are such that rotation stops with a predictable part of the Earth facing the approaching 12th Planet - the mid-Atlantic Ocean off the eastern seaboard of the United States. This part of the globe is centered between land masses that are fairly neutral in magnetic polarization, but lines up over former lava flows from the renting apart of the continents, the mid-Atlantic rift. The Pacific trench does not carry the same appeal, as it lies deeper under the water and its characteristics differ in composition from the newer magma that has arisen during continental drift. Magma bubbling up in the Pacific is more diffuse than the magma bubbling up in the Atlantic, centered in the rift. Thus, the Atlantic lava beds are gripped, facing the Sun, facing the approaching 12th Planet coming up from the South along the rift, and causing both Europe, the Americas, and Africa to be on the long day side of the Earth. Rotation stops with the Atlantic Rift facing the approaching planet, which is coming nearly from under the Sun, but not directly under, so Africa and Europe are turned a bit more toward the Sun than the North American continent. Therefore, the Long Day described by Joshua and the long night described by the West Coast indians.

There is a human misconception that the rotation of the Earth, or a stoppage of this, would find things flying off the surface. How could this be when man walked on the Moon, which does not rotate. There will be no change, except that the heating and cooling that occur during rotation stop, except as the atmosphere and oceans distribute heat. Man will not roast or freeze, during rotation stoppage, as the atmosphere and oceans continue to circulate and thus spread about heating and cooling.

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