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ZetaTalk: Pre-Existing
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002.

During the hour of the shift, the crust of the Earth arrives at its new location, with the former poles now under the equatorial Sun and the Atlantic widened and Pacific shorted, in a series of steps, some happening rapidly, some more slowly, but all over the course of approximately an hour.

Stress Points
The current relationship of the Earth’s crustal plates to each other shows not only past movement but a pre-setting of the stage for the coming shift. The Atlantic has clearly been stretched and ripped in the past, with shorelines on both sides of the Atlantic being dragged down such that the remains of forests can be seen underwater off the East Coast of the North American continent, and buried roadways under the waves near Bermuda, and likewise land shelves west of the British Isles. The Atlantic Rift, running the entire length of the Atlantic between the present poles, shows recent tears, and in Africa the rifts increasingly separating the Arab lands from the continent proper are already showing some stress. Likewise, along the Pacific Rim, plates are being pushed under the Americas, and creating distress in Indonesia as compression of the Pacific is already in process from prior pole shifts and subducting plates are inclined to continue this momentum. The Himalayas, driven high from sea bed material in the past, also show a point of drama, already scripted for India and Australia by past dramas which positioned these plates thus.
Atlantic Stretch
We have mentioned that during the week of rotation stoppage, the Atlantic will undergo a stretch. This is due to the Atlantic Rift being gripped by the approaching 12th Planet, as the crustal magma there is recent, concentrated, and of high iron ore content, and thus is magnetically attracted to the huge magnet, the 12th Planet, which is approaching from the south and on the sunward side of the Earth. The Earth stops its rotation, due to the crust being gripped, but the liquid core continues some of its momentum, thus creating a continuing pull toward the east of the crust, which creates the stretch. To some degree, this is happening today, which is why the African rifts are showing stress. During the week of rotation stoppage, however, this is extreme, so that the Atlantic Rift is under a great deal of tension and the shorelines are drawn down along both sides of the Atlantic. Europe and Africa are continually pulled eastward, by the rotating core. Thus, the Earth moans in her agony, during this week.
Pacific Compression
For the same reason, the European and African continents being pushed eastward by the rotating core, those stress points around the Pacific experience increased signs of stress during the week of rotation stoppage. Quakes all along the west coast of the Americas increase, and volcanic activity in Japan and Indonesia become extreme. India shutters, jerking under the Himalayas in spurts, creating great panic among her peoples who are already fearing the worst with the long evening they are experiencing. Tidal waves are not yet a problem, as the waters normally pooling around the equator have equalized around the globe, more water at the pole and less in the equatorial regions. Nevertheless, the drama that is about to occur has clearly been scripted, by the shape of the earth’s Pangea landmass and its breakup, and the rule that during any crustal movement land masses will tend to seek their equalization, just as water seeks its level, such that high and low land will be more equally distributed around the globe after a shift than before.
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