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ZetaTalk: New Energy
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

For ourselves, the Service-to-Others Zetas, to describe the new forms of energy would be to steal the thunder from those humans who are so diligently working to bring this to the Earth at the present time. Remember, Earth is in the hands of humans, now. Her immediate future rests in the hands of humans, and none other. For the immediate future of human society to improve requires the cooperation and intervention of humans. And these things are in the works.

Your forms of energy now are antique, or terribly crude. Burning oil and coal and wood, with all the pollution this causes, is not at all necessary. Nuclear energy has a pollutant that is even more harmful, a byproduct man does not know how to deal with. Yet clean forms of energy, known to mankind's scientists in the laboratories of today, are kept from use by the establishment, which has a vested interest in continuing the status quo.

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