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ZetaTalk: 2002-NT7
Note: written during the July 27, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

As with the recent Star Wars press, and the trend in the movies where asteroids threaten Earth and volcanoes erupt in LA, and the recent periodic announcement that this or that Near Earth Asteroid will pass at this or that date, this recent announcement on a 2019 possible impact is nothing new. The US establishment, with the power of the Hubble and NEAT program, which they very much control, is hot to enlist the public behind efforts to deflect the possible passage of Planet X should it actually pass as we have predicted. They have asked for Star Wars funding, fussed about getting a space station up, human colony on Mars, and a missile defense system when no country is capable of sending one to the US except Russia, and they hardly about to start such a fight. Few in the public wonder about such trends, unless they are deep thinkers and read and listen well. Most see nothing more unusual about such trends than the periods of excess and restraint that descent upon human societies. Just cycles, just trends, just something the media has grabbed to report upon. Thus, this 2019 asteroid is no more likely to bash into Earth than the other false alarms announced recently, but the common man has no way of proving that.

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