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ZetaTalk: Big Birds
Note: written during the Oct 26, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

In Australia there are reportedly large lizards larger than a man, not including the long tail. This has been sighted, but not captured, by man. Nessie is also not alone in being a remnant to the dinosaur in fresh water lakes and rivers, reported in an Australian rivers as well as other places around the world. No capture or photo exists. On occasion, a previously extinct species is located, still alive and flourishing. Thus, man is not aware of all the animals around him, nor are all well documented and researched. The current earth changes bring about seasonal changes that change the food patterns, the hunting grounds, and the availability of food for many species. It is not true that the size of species is delimited by DNA, as the size of young humans in Japan, compared to their oldsters, demonstrates. Nutrition availability is taken advantage of, with a steady increase in size among offspring due to influences that affect what DNA expresses or is repressed. Not only will animals, predators and prey alike, be found outside their known habitat, they will be found stunted or larger than expected, due to changes in food availability and the seasons where growth is normal in a species. Dormancy may not occur, resulting in continuing growth.
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