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ZetaTalk: Wishful Thinking
Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Many humans who are currently supported in their physical needs by the farming communities are aghast at the prospect of being thrown on their resources in the Aftertime. The populations in the cities of the world, and in many towns fringed by farming communities, are utterly unfamiliar with step one of feeding oneself. Thus, New Age talk about the world evading the pole shift if all hold hands and fervently wish it to be so, or if all change their ways and become Service-to-Others overnight, are popular with these folks. They simply don't know what else to do, where else to start, and the road seems too long for them to walk, otherwise. Of course, none of this will work, as we have explained. It is a palliative, a tranquilizer, to be taken so one does not worry until the last minute. If this is your intent, to avoid thinking about it, or comfort yourself with a fairy tale, then so be it, but rescue will not happen. Does it happen today, to those starving stick children in Africa? Does it happen today when a Cyclone roars into Bangladesh, drowning families and sweeping the housing out to sea? Does it happen today to those dying in agony with AIDS, or going blind because insects have put parasites into their eyes, mass disease ignored by comfortable industrialized countries?

If such relief were so easy to attain, that wishing it so would make it happen, or appealing to the populace to do better would find a ready ear, then what is stopping this from happening today? Of course, loving one another, and increasing this tendency, should be encouraged, but frankly most who are not spiritually mature and firmly in this orientation will find it hard to move in that direction under trying times. Each will be more concerned about themselves, finding their comfort increasingly eroding, and no avenue of relief in sight! Given this, irritability will increase, demands, hoarding, and fights. Those already inclined to care for others will not change, but may find they need to aggressively prioritize their time and resources. This will be misinterpreted as meanness, by those used to demanding attention from these overworked souls, but it is concern for the greater good that is at the fore. Thus, for those at a lose as to what to do, how to prepare for the future, we suggest not turning to wishful thinking, but even at this late date going camping, reading survival books, and at least starting. They will in any case find they must do this, if they survive, and will regret time lost in wishful thinking.

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