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ZetaTalk: Odd Atmosphere
Note: written during the Mar 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

ABC News today talks about a mysterious new cloud in the upper atmosphere, not seen since the days of the Krakatoa eruption. Is this cloud the result of volcanic eruptions right now?
#zetatalk IRC

As humans aware of the Earth changes have noted, there are several signs that are unusual.

  1. One of the first noted was the White Buffalo syndrome, where albino animals, domesticated and wildlife alike, were born albinos or lacking color.
  2. A second trend noted, which we predicted, was increasing illness, which finally hit the news as whole cruise ships and military bases became ill at once.
  3. A third trend was melting poles and glaciers, talked about much in the news a couple years back but since repressed from reporting.
  4. A fourth trend was called crazed animal or insects or sea life, where passive animals would attack, such as attacking jack rabbits, and spiders spinning acres of webs.
  5. A fifth trend was the activation of volcanoes, known to be active at some point in the recent past, all activating in some manner simultaneously.
  6. A sixth trend was the erratic weather, with deluges and droughts alternating seemingly without reason.
  7. A seventh trend is the sociological trend, whereby governments wanting to placate a restless and confused populace do what is called saber rattling, pointing to a threat of war in another, or threatening war themselves so that their pollution backs up the leadership.
  8. An eighth trend were the booms and flashes noted shortly after ZetaTalk began, where heaving earth and seas created clapping in the atmosphere and methane gas released flashed momentarily.
  9. A ninth trend was the increasingly diffusing magnetic field, which causes malfunctioning instruments, crashing plans, and wandering compasses.
  10. A tenth trend is slowing rotation, now notably about 1sec/day with moon phases starting to lag by a day or so.

Yet another trend recently emerging is noted in the atmosphere, where imaging from above the Earth reports a sheen, or other abnormalities are noted. What is causing this new trend? If one reviews the other trends, one sees that many particle flows are involved in abnormal patterns, and one can assume that many particle flows not known by man are also so involved. The White Buffalo is thus, as we explained, because of a core emanation that signals cave creatures to forgo coloration. Increasing illness because the immune system is disrupted by particle flows. Certainly the warming of the Earth's surface, causing melting poles and glaciers, are because of disturbed heat particle flows. The atmosphere, from its blue hue to its swirling motion, is affected by many particle flows, as well as the normal composition of air flowing up or down. Should an accumulation of this or that chemical result, color and sheen, or the appearance of a cloud, will often result. What is a cloud, but water particles suspended, or if a dirty cloud, perhaps dust particles.

We are telling you to expect that your upper atmosphere, your sky, may change color! May allow greater sunlight through, or create what seems to be a cloudy day suppressing sunlight even though no clouds can be seen! Expect the unexpected, during these last months and weeks before the shift. This cannot be explained simply as volcanic dust, or airborne water particles, it is more than these simple explanations. As the variety of reasons for this atmospheric disturbances will be many, we will not list them all, as there will scarcely be time for human scientists to even contemplate them. Thus, suffice it to say, odd atmospheres, as detailed above, and take this as another sign that the times are upon you!

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