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ZetaTalk: Fire Dragon
Note: written during the Mar 29, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Sighting TEAM has had a number of surprises over the past 6 months, since the Fall 2002 imaging season began.

  1. The first surprise was that two Personas presented, what was termed a Red and a White. This was due to the multiple light spectrums coming from the Planet X complex, more than one in the red spectrum range. Where filtering for red was done, there are many red spectrum waves, and the personas represented two distinct types of waves. The White, appearing on target for the coordinates, obviously Bent Less than the Red, which appeared more changed based on the gravity pull, the distance over the core of the Earth the rays had to travel.
  2. The second surprise was that the tail wafted out from the corpus as a moving object would have a Tail Waft, to the side, behind the corpus, or above if the corpus was Moving down.
  3. The third was that the Red Persona during a period of weeks appeared Above the White, due to influences man is unaware of which the light rays had to pass through during that time, on their way to scopes on Earth. This was not apparent until that period had passed, and we declined to clarify what the influences were as it would be far afield from what humans currently understand, a distraction from the issues at hand.
  4. The fourth was that the Moon Swirls would be far apart from each other, like integral dances, not a singular dance behind the corpus.
  5. The fifth was that as the Moons or moon clusters became visible in the images, the corpus seemed to Disappear!
  6. The sixth was the vast size of the Dust Cloud, which was initially measured as brightness increase from background, but lately runs off the images it is so vast. Now, during the last image session on Mar 23 and 24, the White Persona could not even be detected! Yet Distinct Moons are evident all over the image. But just when the corpus is disappearing in the haze, a red dot appears to the Unaided Eye at the coordinates!

We would suggest that the experience of the Sighting TEAM will have a parallel during the unaided eye viewing by the public over the last few weeks. Back in September 21, 2002 when the first images were taken, the White and Red personas were a dot only, and that intermittent on the frames, coming through however on the Summary demonstrating that they registered on all the frames. That equates to what is being seen now, during the last week of March, at the beginning of the unaided eye sightings. What the unaided eye is seeing is the complex, as a whole, not the corpus or moon swirls. The corpus, the moons, the dust cloud, all are reflecting sunlight in addition to reflecting light from the corpus itself, and this combined light is what is reaching the eye.

Soon, those gazing at the evening sky will find that they discern a tail haze, moving as during the December, 2002 time frame away from the corpus in its motion in the sky. The next phenomena that will be observed will be distinct moon swirls in the tail haze, such that separate streams appear to be trailing the corpus. It will be at this time that the complex will become visible in the late afternoon, even when Orion's Belt is not yet visible. As the complex draws closer, paralleling the experience of the Sighting TEAM, the moon swirls will become less dense, spreading out, but individual moons may be visible in binoculars. The complex will take over more of the sky, a reddish haze widely around the corpus, but where the intensity of the complex may be decreasing, the scope of the complex in the sky will be much larger, proving an Approaching complex.

During the last weeks, motion in the sky over a period of time, to the careful observer, can be noticed. Motion in the tail, the moon swirls, can also be noticed. During the week of rotation stoppage, this motion, due to the closeness of the complex, will appear to writhe. The fire dragon of ancient prophecy!

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