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ZetaTalk: Sighting Success
Note: written during the Apr 19, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

During the recent weeks when Planet X was in the evening sky long enough to avoid light pollution, many looked for it in the skies and saw something. Those educated, who had done their homework and followed the imaging session, noted our words as to what to look for, and oriented themselves in the sky saw it 68% of the time. This also required them to persevere, as it winked in and out, faded and then reappeared, and often the Red Persona was stronger than the White Persona, which positions itself on the coordinates. For those not seeing it, they were either rushed and could only spend a moment or were looking just past the time when it would be visible, or were in areas not clear of light pollution, being near large cities or the like. For those who looked, but were unsure of where to look, had not done their homework or oriented themselves, only about 6 % saw it. They were invariably shocked, and the impact greater in these individuals than those who already had been following the imaging.

The countries affected by sightings are far greater in number than the public following sci.astro or message board would even suppose. Those viewing it, seeing the punishment that Nancy and the Sighting Team undergo, have talked among themselves but kept their identity secret, not on the Internet which they are sure is being monitored. The number of countries spans every continent, and runs into the dozens. The effect of these sightings, and the rumor mills that carry the word like wildfire in the communities affected, and all communities that get word of the sightings, is vast. The general public begins to look, and will continue to look as the quake uptick become discernible even to those without access to quake statistics. The weather, the quakes, the increasing illness, the devastated economies world wide, the highly aggressive behavior of the US and Britain to gain control of oil fields, all these are far larger signs that something is coming than any denial from official media or government sources. In short, the people have come to rely upon themselves, and to ignore the media and government statements, all for the better.

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