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ZetaTalk: What will Survive
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

One should not assume a grim picture of life after the cataclysms. No more birds singing, no more pizza. This is not a true picture. Birds survive, and sing by nature, and we suspect that as cookbooks and ingredients will also survive, there will be pizza. Where there will be a chronic dusk, due to volcanic dust, for at least two decades, life will go on. Not all streams and lakes will be poisonous, but the cautious should plan ahead, and anticipate these occurrences. Safe food and shelter can be arranged, and this does not require great wealth or strength. This requires common sense.

As to your technology, this will survive if you Prepare. Anything that will run by electricity will still run, if not shattered by the earthquakes. Plan accordingly. Your current energy sources, oil and gas, should not be looked to as they will alight and burn off during the cataclysms. Would be survivors are advised not to store these energy sources near themselves or their loved ones. Batteries run down, but mankind should be finding alternative energy sources more and more available.

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