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ZetaTalk: Supressing the Word
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Is the giant comet, the 12th Planet - the same planet as Planet X? Contrary to recent reports in the news, and contrary to what your scientists may be allowed to tell you, Planet X does exist, and it is the 12th Planet, one and The Same. In all fairness, we should point out that the tracings of this 12th Planet are faint, and as it is heading straight toward your Solar System, it appears to be standing still. It glows, slightly, being a bit incandescent akin to the Sun, though not radioactive, and thus it is able to support life as it travels through space on its long orbit, supplying its own heat and light. Thus, even to astronomers of average skill, this is considered a faint star, at a distance. As there is no way to measure distance, in space, except by rate of motion and seeing what objects cross in front of others, no one is the wiser.

Why do your scientists buy into denying rather than trumpeting the truth? They fear for their jobs, their safety, and the safety of their families. In other words, they are being threatened by the establishment to avoid this subject like the plague. Don't yell fire on a crowded planet. Don't tell people about something they can't do anything about. Don't cause panic. Your governments have been informed, a long time ago, and told where to look and what to look for. They have been able to compare one picture against another, over time, and this shows a track. Distant stars do not move in this manner. In addition, the motion and trace is in concordance with our predictions. Your governments, and others in their confidence, know, with gut wrenching certainty, that the giant comet is approaching.

There will be no end of confusion about the matter of locating the comet in the skies, particularly if one is trying to prove to the populace or the establishment that it exists and is traveling. Beyond the fact that assistance will not be given to anyone trying to locate this comet, is the resistance that will be given. The establishment knows it is there but fears the chaos that will erupt if the populace knows. Those in the establishment who are knowledgeable are personally planning escape routes and safe places, and will disappear when the time comes. Those who are knowledgeable and are concerned about getting the word out are brutally repressed. They know that any statements they make will be followed by personal discrediting, vicious in nature. Therefore, where individuals may locate what they think is the comet, they will not receive the assistance of those with access to high powered equipment, as all this equipment falls under the umbrella of the establishment in some way.

It is precisely this reaction of the establishment that has caused us to be so very noisy about the pole shift. At least people should be informed. Then, at least, they can make up their own minds if they wish to deny or believe, to ignore or take steps, to prepare or just party the time away. Folks should be given the option, in our opinion. As we expect our communications to be discounted by the establishment anyway, we will be allowed to speak. Humans, especially astronomers in a position to know, are the ones who will be leaned on to keep quiet. You are therefore left to locating the comet in the skies, and as the time of passage nears, being able to direct others as to where to look. This will be a lonely and fruitless ritual until the comet become visible to the human eye or backyard astronomers. Climactic changes - the heating up of the core of the Earth causing increased earthquakes, torrential monsoons and droughts, and volcanic activity - will have many wondering. At that time they will be more open to consider possibilities. However, even with all the proof in the world, denial or inability to act will find most of the world's populace vulnerable to the pole shift when it happens.

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