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ZetaTalk: Mainstay for Others
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

During the cataclysms those already operating in the 4th Density Service-to-Other orientation, spiritually speaking, have an offer from ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Others camps, to be lifted to safety during the cataclysms. This is, in essence, what the Bible is referring to as the Rapture, although this is much misinterpreted to mean a saving of the faithful. This lift is very temporary, and those so assisted will not even be conscious of it. However, in spite of the brief time involved, most, the vast majority in fact, have declined. Why is this? The Service-to-Others almost invariable have loved ones in their lives who do not qualify - wives and husbands, children and grandchildren, and friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances and neighbors.

The time of most need is when the tidal waves and earthquakes hit, and the firestorms and trash in the comets tail sweep the Earth. It is then that they wish to be with those they care for, to reduce fear and anxiety, knowing that these emotions can lead one astray, into the Service-to-Self camp. Often times the Service-to-Others individual, in the minority on Earth, is the one who acts as a mainstay for others. They are seldom the one rewarded or applauded, and most often the one quietly plugging away, supporting others. Look around you, and you will find them, though you must often look behind the scenes. Take these individuals away, and put the rest in a great crisis, and you will see why our offer of rescue has been declined.

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