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ZetaTalk: Millennium Fever
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995.

There will be many debates within the scientific communities as the changes we and others have predicted steadily take place. Millennium fever would take place in any case because of the prophetic warnings that have piled up from many sources, even if no actual physical or spiritual Earth changes were to take place. The millennium fever will get white hot as the Earth's climate becomes universally hot, droughty, or endlessly soaked by rains in turn, and reports of a faintly glowing star that seems to be moving and drawing nigh abound. Where the establishment will issue reassurances that the climatic changes are periodic in the Earth's history, just a normal cycle, or that this is the Greenhouse effect and can be reversed, many will not be subdued. Discussions will be lively, and the debates never resolved. This will surely be much in the news, as it effects everyone on a daily basis, and for many worry and concern will be their daily companions.

One issue hotly discussed will be prophesied dates, and as they come and go, there will be relief for some. In particular, as the millennium date itself passes, there will be many who feel the discussions should be put to an end, as continued discussion only seems to feed panic. However, the debates and news reports will only acerbate.

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