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ZetaTalk: Vortex
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Vortex is a constant state not unlike the electromagnetic state. All worlds have such a state, and the sum of the planetary vortexes compose the vortex of a given solar system. The use of this word, in true channeled works, portrayed this concept accurately enough, but some readers read with their desires, rather than with open eyes and minds, and consequently grasped something different when reading about the influence the 12th Planet of your Solar System has when making its periodic swing in comet-like fashion past the Earth. The vortex of the 12th Planet disturbs the influence the other planets have on the Earth, causing a temporary re-alignment with the 12th Planet - a pole shift.

Some readers misread this information as a chance to go for a quick ride to Heaven, and invented the term Vortexia to describe a state purported to advance a world into higher densities. There is no such state as Vortexia, nor is there any such rapid advance into higher densities available to those who seek this panacea.

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