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ZetaTalk: From Orion
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The 12th Planet approaches from Orion, and as the timing of its approach could vary as much as a year or more, based on various influences on its long voyage, there was much concern among the mining crews operating within the Earth's Solar System that an accurate early warning system be established. We have mentioned that the Great Pyramids were a sighting devise, such that the light from the approaching 12th Planet would flood down a narrow passage and reflect off a pool of liquid, an unmistakable signal to those nervously watching and needing to synchronize their shuttle paths to their traveling home. Where the 12th Planet would arrive from the same locale each time, the Earth's position would change, based on where she was in her orbit around the Sun. Thus, various pieces of instructions from one trip or another remain, some seemingly in conflict with another on this facet or that, especially as the Earth's crust moved with each pole shift. There is no conflict if one considers that depending on the Earth's position, the 12th Planet would appear to veer far to the left or come in from the right, disappear behind the Sun or stand in front of it, or appear as a distant star or as the planetary giant it is.

These partial instructions involving Orion or nearby constellations such as Sirius trickle forward from the prior 12th Planet passages, which loosely compute to every 3,600 years. Given the periodic disruption in man's history, accurate yearly counts from past cataclysms are simply not available. To add to the confusion, midpoint calculations were involved as a safety check in case catastrophe struck the mining operations and their clocks were lost. These midpoint sightings were staged at the 1,800 year point, and remnants of these instructions are also found grouped in with the passage instructions. All very confusing for those trying to piece together a puzzle with scant parts.

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