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ZetaTalk: Rebel Planet
Note: written on Mar 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Human scientists are used to perturbations by the other planets orbiting their Sun, but are unaware of the extent of perturbations that can be caused by near-misses between the planets. The planets, as they ride in their orbits, have reached the path they have in order to avoid the other planets, and thus all looks serene. When this equilibrium is being established, all is hardly serene. The 12th Planet, passing rapidly through the Solar System, breaks all the rules that humans have become accustomed to. Were the 12th Planet to become a permanent member of the Solar System, highly erratic orbits would be established for any planet with a heavily magnetic core. The Earth's violent pole shifts are due only to her inability to escape her monster brother when he passes, coming upon her rapidly and within days so that she has no chance to alter her orbit in an escape.

It is not by accident that the planets in orbit around the Sun do not form perfect circles, nor does any logic known to man explain their lopsided elliptical orbits. They are adjusting to many factors not yet known to man, and would do so in an even more erratic manner should the 12th Planet become a permanent member of the Solar System. Many of the planets in orbit around the Earth's Sun have little effect upon each other. For instance, the gaseous planets like Jupiter and Saturn have minimal magnetic fields. Thus the story of the devastation the 12th Planet causes upon the periodic passage seems surreal to naive mankind, who has a scant record from the prior pole shifts where the human race was decimated and civilizations disrupted so that records were not reliably kept until a few generations had passed.

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