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ZetaTalk: Psi-Tech Pathogens
Note: written on May 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

A recent prediction from Psi-Tech, yet another remote viewing front for CIA disinformation, is ridiculous to the point of being debunkable by the man on the street - the announcement that Hale-Bopp is somehow carrying a pathogen to kill plant life on Earth. With UFO sightings increasing and becoming virtually commonplace, the common man must wonder why aliens with such intentions need to use a slow moving comet to carry such a package. This latest silliness only makes sense if one considers the government’s dilemma regarding the coming crop shortages due to climate changes caused by the 12th Planet’s approach. Examine the likely outcome of the crop shortages, examine the story about the plant pathogens, and the story begins to make sense from the standpoint of shaping attitudes in the populace.

Africa is starving now, especially in the encroaching semi-deserts below the Sahara, and will be the first continent and the hardest hit when serious crop shortages hit elsewhere and the helping hand that is often extended to Africa is withdrawn. The media will be instructed to show fewer pictures of disaster victims, so that the tottering stick children, gaunt and holding empty bowls up with desperate pleading in their eyes, will no longer remind nations unused to crop shortages of any kind that this may be their plight one day. Rather than wait for the time to arrive, those who would sculpt the public’s attitude on these matters have started by placing such scenarios into the public consciousness. Think about this, and consider what you would do if mass starvation were to hit the world in general.

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