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ZetaTalk: New Game Plan
Note: written on Apr 15, 1998.

NASA has a new game plan. It's called get the truth out, without admitting it directly. This can best be done by deliberate flubs, so the public begins to look upon these formerly staunch bastions of unquestioned scientific authority with new eyes. All will begin to be questioned, and the public looking at everything that is stated with new eyes, new scrutiny, and seeing patterns and discovering information that was formerly being aggressively hidden. The IAU points to an asteroid, claiming it will certainly come close to earth in 2028, and the next day the distance is corrected. Then it unfolds that this asteroid is not the soonest nor the closest known! Why was this done, the public must ask, and in combination with the myths about Orion and a rogue planet inbound from that direction, has already raised eyebrows. NASA reluctantly agrees to film the Face on Mars and then delivers a negative to the public, claiming a misunderstanding though such misunderstandings do not occur with their other publications. Why was this done, the public must ask, and in concert with revelations by the Pope that the church now believes that alien visitors are real and not demonic, will cause many to suspect there is truth to rumors of a cover-up by the government, which has denied the alien presence all along.

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