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ZetaTalk: Without Money
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Money is nonexistent in 4th Density Service-to-Others. Let us explain why this would be so. What is money? A medium of exchange. Something of consistent value, or at least stable value, which allows the barter system to take place in a more abstract manner. If one grows and markets apples, for instance, they do not have to haul around a bag of apples in order to purchase milk or pay the rent, although this option is still open to the apple grower. Without money, the apple grower must haul apples about, and this is tiresome and such matters as spoilage must be dealt with. However, the existence of money, which has been called the root of all evil, supports activities that give no value in and of themselves.

What benefit, truly, are the virtual gambling casinos that go by names such as Stock Exchange, Commodity Market, or Bond Market? This benefits those who can manipulate faster, or with a more clever sleight of hand, but benefit the overall not one wit. These activities are in fact parasitic on the overall, as the operators must be fed and housed, yet contribute nothing. Often, in fact, they benefit at the expense of the very people who should benefit - those who produce. The principal beneficiaries of money gambling arenas are those already wealthy, who hire clever gamblers who in the main stop at nothing to succeed. The laws governing this activity do not stop lies, theft, or evasion of regulation. This is due to the pressure and inducements that the wealthy place on legislators. The little guy loses, again.

So, how do 4th Density societies function without money, a medium of exchange? Money is used to indicate to others what the individual has earned or has a right to spend. However money is presented, whether cash, a line of credit, a credit card with a balance under the credit limit, antiques or jewelry with an appraised value, real estate with an appraised value - all indicate that the holder can spend or exchange goods to this amount. What this also means is that without such proof of worth, the individual cannot spend, and is on charity. At this point the individual gets free food and lodging from either the government or charitable organizations, or goes out on the street as so many do. For simplicity's sake, you can consider 4th Density Service-to-Others to operate as though everyone were a charity case. We will be explicit.

The apple grower, when in need of some item other than the apples he grows, simply goes and takes them. Likewise, others simply come and take apples, as needed. If there are too few apples, then there is distress communicated telepathically and a meeting of the group is called, or perhaps the issue has come up during the regular meetings. As there is distress, others in the group weigh their current activities in light of the new need, and discuss alternatives. Essentially, someone who may be on sabbatical in order to devote to learning may cut this short to assist, or someone who has taken responsibility for doing laundry may find they have extra time on their hands, and volunteer. Or, it may be that in weighing the activities of all, the conclusion of the group is that apples are of less importance, and an agreement is reached to parse the existing supply out more carefully.

In this way, money is replaced by communication and cooperation, and this works just fine.

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