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ZetaTalk: Earth Twin
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Just as your Sun has a dead twin, the second focus of the 12th Planet's orbit, likewise your Earth has a dead twin that shares her orbit and is placed so exactly opposite the Earth that it can never be seen. Theories about the Earth's dark twin, which does exist, have been around for decades. They emerged because of the observed perturbations of the planets. This twin is close enough, within your Solar System, to be visible by the reflected rays from the Sun, if it were not hidden behind the Sun. That the dead twin matches pace with the Earth is not by coincidence. During the period when the Earth was knocked out of her initial orbit by a clash with one of the 12th Planet's travelers, the Earth found an orbital niche around the Sun that was appropriate for her size and composition, a niche, not surprisingly, that the dead twin likewise fits. Why do these matched planets place themselves exactly opposite? Any less than this creates an imbalance in the many forces that control orbits, such that there is pressure and nudging and pulling and increased or decreased speed on one or the other until this is perfectly balanced.

Put two ball bearings in a circular track and spin this, and you soon find that the balls are opposite each other. Just so do these two evenly matched planets find this position opposite each other.

Why did the ancient Sumerians, quoting from the visitors from the 12th Planet, not count this twin? As they counted the Moon, for instance, it would seem too great an oversight for them to miss a planet the approximate size of Earth, and since they counted dead planets as well as those holding life, the Earth and Mars, there would be no reason for the oversight. The visitors from the 12th Planet were concerned with counting major road signs. Were you to travel cross country without a map, your directions would include major cities along the road, or major landmarks along the road, and the approximate distance between them, but there would be no necessity to go into detail about any given landmark, saying, for instance, that this city was larger than another. The cities would be known as the city by the river, or the city in the clouds, but not as the city with an equally large suburb nearby.

Their shuttles took them from their home, the 12th Planet, to the Earth or Mars or the Moon when the 12th Planet was crossing through the orbital plane. Coming in from the outer solar system, at an approximate 11 degree angle from the orbital plane, and peeping through their version of telescopes, the hominoids on the 12th Planet could identify the planets by their relative position from the Sun. Why was the Moon counted, and not the Earth's dead twin? They not only landed on Earth, they landed on the Moon where they had a telescopic station clear of the Earth's ever cloudy atmosphere. In fact, one of the reasons for recording the Moon was to differentiate it from its dead twin. It's the one in that position that has a Moon, not the other. Were they not interested in the dead twin, for mining? As it has no atmosphere, and no water to speak of, it was considered inhospitable. Mars was used until they ruined it, and the Moon was a stopping point only briefly. Their mining operations were a 3,657 year stint, a long time for living off supplies.

The Earth’s dead twin has likewise been omitted from astronomy lists due to the unease those who were involved in Alternative 3 have about their past actions. Mankind’s awareness of this dead twin arose during the discussions that MJ12 had early on with aliens in the Service-to-Self just prior to the time of Roswell. During that time, all information learned from aliens was withheld from the public, and after the debacle that Alternative 3 became, releasing any information at all about the Earth’s dead twin was doomed for the lifetime of the participants. In the same manner that the records on JFK’s assassination will be sealed for several more decades, these records were sealed, to protect the guilty during their lifetimes. Who is aware of the Earth’s dead twin? NASA and JPL and a handful of astronomers working at the major observatories. Just as the approach of the 12th Planet, i.e. Planet X, is known to these individuals and kept from the public, information on the dead twin is a forbidden subject. This is termed a matter of national security, subject to imprisonment and other harsh punishment, and as those who enter into this realm soon discern, even an accidental death at the hands of those who fear the release of this information. Thus, the common man, without access to the information that NASA has but won’t allow the public access to, has no facts by which to arrive at the truth.

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