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Domes have a reputation for being almost Indestructible, even Tornado Resistant, according to Round-UP magazine. Information and Workshops on Monolithic Domes, which are Fireproof, is available, and Monolithic Constructors offers a news letter and kits. Newhouse Shelters also offer plans, and Dome Lifestyles offers networking. However, Concrete can collapse unless reinforced. The dome shape has Advantages that outweigh its Disadvantages, and among its Many Virtues are that it is ideal for Hydroponic gardens. The dome shape has been used over the ages for such structures as the Ethiopian Tukul, the Asian Yurt, the Pacific Yurt, or the Indian Lodge. Dedicated Troubled Times members offer a Home Dome design, an AquaDome design, alternate Escape Hatches, and a Floatable Dome. A Troubled Times TEAM has been experimenting with options. A Double Dome, which would have a Rounded Bottom as well as top, might float to level on land during after shocks, but would have to consider Wave Action during a tidal wave. As with any structure, damage from Wind and Water is also a concern. Domes made from Plastic or RASTRA are also available, and Shotcrete is affordable.